The prevalence of the logical technique is obvious when we think about the typical translations we find all over. Typically they are free translations, since they depend on individual sentiments, with some information about a few parts of the fantasies.

These subjective elucidations just break down the fantasy, they don’t precisely decipher its importance, as the logical technique does. The logical strategy for dream elucidation is an exact interpretation of the fantasy messages. The translator needs to interpret images in words.

This is a particular expert interpretation and it has gigantic esteem. The learning we have when we precisely decipher the fantasy messages is more than unadulterated information: it is genuine astuteness, in light of the fact that the oblivious personality that delivers our fantasies is shrewd and righteous.

It is in charge of the presence of religiosity in our mind. Indeed, it made the different existing religions, so that the individual could take in reality from various sources, in light of the fact that the whole truth about our reality and the significance of our lives is excessively mind boggling. In the event that I postponed right around 20 years to display my work to the general population, it was on account of I needed to disentangle an extremely muddled and tedious interpretation that no one but scholarly people could learn, into an exceptionally straightforward strategy that anybody could comprehend and utilize ordinary.

The genuine purpose behind my postponement was the disclosure of the wild side of the human inner voice, which came in the wake of proceeding with the examination Jung deserted, into the obscure district of the human mind. This revelation was important to the point that it totally changed my life. I needed to find the cure for schizophrenia, in the wake of facing it myself. I won the fight against this most noticeably awful sort of madness simply because I complied with the bearings I was getting from the savvy oblivious personality.

Today my adversaries assault me and let me know that I can’t demonstrate that my elucidation is truly right, on the grounds that their subjective understandings appear to be right as well…

They assault me when I set out to let them know that I, the unassuming and unimportant essayist, proceeded with the work of the celebrated internationally specialist Carl Jung, and in doing as such, found the wild against still, small voice through dream elucidation. Furthermore, when I let them know that the oblivious personality is coordinated by God and that what I found likewise demonstrates the presence and the sacredness of God, then the assaults are surprisingly more terrible.

These disclosures without a doubt demonstrate the need of a better cerebrum than arrange the presence of life in our reality and to make the different existing species, with so much assorted qualities; other than making the behavioral projects that permit the survival of every one of these animal varieties in an unsafe domain, since all creatures are foes and our planet is threatening to life in numerous viewpoints.