Which is better for safari visit (camping or guest house)

If you are a person who loves to travel a lot specifically you are a safari person and want a best type of accommodation for your visit, for a independent traveler best means an accommodation with all services still less costly. It is better to star outside the national parks but close to gate, there you will be able to find campsites and cheaper lodges, but inside the park these accommodations will be more costly. Staying near the gate will also give you the feel of living in it and you will be able to enjoy it from there too, and it will be more convenient.

If you will be staying in the town you will also have to consider the cost of traveling from your living place to the park. Some time having a camp can be better than a dirty local guesthouse; you can easily find a camp in same cost as guesthouse. Inside camping can be costly, find a nearby campsite.

There are other factors to consider other than cost. If you will stay in a guesthouse it will provide you with more imminent of the local culture, it can enhance your experience and make your stay more enjoyable. You will be able to explore the city more thoroughly because you will be close to happenings of the city. You can also enjoy local food in a local restaurant; it can give you a memorable experience. Many cities have local transportations so it will not be hard for you to find a local convene.

The bad thing about guesthouses is that they may have attached bars and restaurants and because of that can be noisier so it is not recommended if you are a person who likes more peace. Not all of them would have all facilities that you will expect. The quality of goods provided can be bad or they can be lacking in giving thought to small things. You can find the toilets not cleaned properly or damaged goods. It will be hard for you to have hot water bath. People will stare at you like you are an alien.

If your only purpose is to see the wildlife, better to stay inside the park. You will be safe from traveling too much otherwise only traveling from your living place to park will tire you so much that enjoy the whole visit of the park will be impossible. You can find best accommodation on internet with people’s review who has already visited places you want to visit. Or they have already experienced the accommodation which you are selecting so that you will know if it will be okay or not.