Management of good strata management companies in Sydney aims to render top-grade property management services and to retain their property’s value. Joint property owners should consider a few tips to handpick a company that will perform their responsibilities to the fullest.

6 Surefire Tips for Identifying Genuine and Trustworthy Strata Management Companies in Sydney


A good strata property management firm should be open to the client’s finances. They must have qualified accountants who can help the client budget for future expenses, like maintenance and paying the required rental income tax.

24/7 customer service

Joint property owners may need to talk to the company on short notice to resolve minor tenants’ issues. Therefore, a strata property manager should have a fully-fledged call center with representatives to answer calls.

Qualified property managers

Property owners would want to entrust management to half-baked people because they might let them down. Fortunately, reputable strata management companies hire well-educated and experienced managers.

Usually, such managers hold a diploma or degree in real estate or property management, making them ideal for you.


A good strata management firm should have employees with good track records and reviews. For example, they should have worked for at least 3 (three) years and dealt with several clients to gauge their efficiency.


Modern strata management companies should adopt technology such as residential property management software to manage all the operations. Further, they should integrate it with the property owner’s bank account to know once a tenant pays their rent.

This system will enable the manager to remind all the tenants to pay their rental fees before the deadline. Therefore, they can take appropriate action, such as eviction if a tenant ignores their plea.

Organized managers

A strata management firm should have focused and well-organized managers who can prepare leases, schedule maintenance services, and pay all casual workers on behalf of the owner. Secondly, they must inform all the joint owners of major happenings such as tenant relocation and net profit.

What’s the Most Impressive Benefit of Strata Property Management Services?

A strata property manager takes care of all the clients’ assets, such as the firefighting appliances, swimming pool, and security systems. As a result, they ensure the property is well-maintained to enable joint owners to reap financial returns for decades.


All strata management companies worth their salt should hire managers with finance knowledge to help their clients in financial management. Remember that these professionals must create invoices for all casual laborers like gardeners, plumbers, and electricians.