Unlike fashion and beauty trends, home building trends don’t seem to do the same lap every 20 years or so. New technologies allow for entirely new trends to emerge, and luxury homeowners have the funds necessary to invest in them.

As professional luxury home builders Sydney, these are some of the most popular trends that we have seen emerge from luxury homeowners and trends that we expect to see carried out through 2021.

Smart Homes

Yes, we know that smart homes have been around for a good few years now, but their popularity is only just beginning to truly take off now. As luxury home builders in Sydney, many of our clients want to ensure that their new homes are fully set up to incorporate smart devices that will make their lives easier, their homes more secure and offer them all-in-one solutions.

A Focus on Sustainability

The general consensus is that if you can afford a sustainable home, you should invest in eco-friendly solutions such as recycled materials, solar panels, sustainable heating etc. Whether it’s for the good of the planet or simply to ease their own consciousness, more and more homeowners are taking a more earth-friendly approach when building their homes.

Natural Elements

Things like fountains, indoor gardens, greenhouses, and wooden structures are becoming increasingly popularised in homes. People want their home to be a sanctuary and a place of true tranquillity, and incorporating natural elements is a great way of doing that.

A Breakaway from The Open Plan

For decades, an open plan was the go-to design for many luxury homes in Australia. But slowly and surely, luxury homeowners are looking towards more structured designs. This is because although open plans can look stunning, there are many issues that crop up with design, especially after years of use. There is little privacy, and there are often acoustic issues. Luxury homeowners are looking to build homes with rooms that have specific purposes and emit a cosy feel.

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