Adoption is a legal process that is usually associated with minors, but there are a surprising number of adults who get adopted every year. In most cases, it is a step-parent, godparent or caregiver that wants to adopt an adult to formalise an already-established relationship. On top of formalising the already-established relationship, some applicants also want to truly call someone they consider family, their son or daughter.

Australia acknowledges the need for over 18-year-olds to be adopted, and in both ACT and NSW, adults can be adopted so long as certain criteria is met.

Adopting an Adult In NSW

It is legal to adopt someone who’s over 18 in NSW, but it is important to take the below factors into consideration.

  • The person being adopted needs to have been cared for by the potential adopter before they turned 18
  • The applicants need to have resided in New South Wales for at least 3 months before submitting an application
  • All parties, including the adoptee, must consent
  • The same process needs to be undertaken as when adopting a minor
  • Once all is in order, a new birth certificate will be issued

When An Adult Can Not Be Adopted

Adoptions may not be processed or accepted in cases where there is suspicion that the adult is merely being adopted to evade immigration laws or anything of the sort. Cases in which the adoptee was never cared for by the adopters before they turned 18 may also be dismissed. 

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