Birds and their characteristics

Birds live in all parts of the world. There isn’t any place or location where they cannot be found. They are present sea areas, rainforests, and deserts. They are even living on the icy waste of Antarctica. They can fly as high as a person can imagine. Swans can go from one place to another on the height of up to 8000 meters, and penguins can swim more than 250 meters deep into the sea. Nature has created a huge variety of birds.  They are of hundred different kinds of birds with as much qualities. They have different behaviors and natures, likes and dislikes. Some eat plants and some only eat fresh meat. Some of these can get longer than humans such as the ostrich; on the other hand a bee hummingbird is so small that it can fit in a person’s palm.

They are warm- blooded animals and only living creatures who have feathers. All of them have wings and lay eggs on land. Their bodies are naturally designed to fly but some of them have lost their power of flight such as kiwis and penguins.

Their bodies have been covered fully in feathers; these feathers have been made with bird’s skin. And it works just as human’s skin and fingernail. Their legs, eyes, beaks and feet remain uncovered. Feathers help them to keep warm and wet. The main function of them is to give a streamlined shape which helps them in flying. They also make them obvious and female often camouflaged with them when they need to stay hidden when sitting on eggs.

They have lightweight bones and some have hollow bones. Their feathers are also light but they help to cover the body. In breeding season female laid eggs in nest so that they won’t have to carry the weight of young’s. All birds fly in different styles. Starlings fly in straight line with wings moving all the time. On the other hand woodpeckers close their wings when flapping and bounding.  Vultures do not use their wings much because they heart on the end and birds like gulls often glide.

Different kinds have adopted different sort of food so that they won’t have to fight for it. Their food type can be judged through the shapes of their beaks and feet. Many wading birds have long and strong bills so that they can explore the mud for food; some have hooked bills to rip of the meat. Some fish eater has long legs so they get catch a fish in the water in while swimming.

Birds also migrate to one place to another in different seasons for appropriate weather. Some cannot travel too far from their living area but others especially breeding in northern hemisphere travel hundreds and thousands kilometers in winter so they can go to a place warmer for food. Some small birds also travel for too long and too far such as wheatears they are like sparrows in size but travel for thousand meters.